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"Raising Up Badass Bitches Around The World"

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Are you looking to tap into your Psychic Mediumship, Healing and Intuitive Abilities? Look no further than That Bitch Nation's Level One Intuitive Development Group! Your Mentor Jenn, a seasoned Psychic Medium will Guide you towards unlocking your full potential and reconnecting with your Intuition that has been within you all along!

Join us every Friday from 7pm-11pm EST for Level One Intuitive Development! Our virtual setting is supportive, safe, and interactive, with limited spaces available. Get ready to learn how to use universal healing techniques, become a certified practitioner of any healing modality, understand how your individual abilities work, participate in guided meditations and interpretation decoding, practice with others, and so much more! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to transform your life!

Best Value

Intuitive Development|Level One



Every month

Tap Into your Full Intuitive Potential. Group Begins May 3rd, 2024.

Valid for 4 months

Every Friday 7pm -11pm EST

Limited Spaces Available

$25.00 Monthly For Four Months

A Supportive, Safe & Interactive Virtual Setting

Understanding of Your Abilities & How To Use To Apply Them

Learn How To Use Universal Healing Techniques

Become A Certified Practitioner of Any Healing Modality

Guided Meditations & Interpretation Decoding

Practice With Others & So Much More!

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