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"Raising Up Badass Bitches Around The World"

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If you're eager to continue the Journey and explore further into your Psychic Mediumship and Channeling Abilities, That Bitch Nation's Level Two Intuitive Development Group is the perfect place for you! Under the Guidance of your Mentor Jenn, an Authentic & Seasoned Psychic Medium, you'll be able to Full Embrace your full potential and start confidently relaying messages from the other side. To take your intuitive abilities to the next level - join us now! Completion of Level One Training Required to Join Level Two.

Join us every Sunday from 12pm-3pm EST for Level Two Intuitive Development! Jenn's virtual setting is the perfect place to learn how to Channel & Relay Messages, starting with Using Divination Tools like Tarot, Tea Leafs, Pendulums & more! With limited spaces available, you'll have the opportunity to perfect your communication skills and practice as an Authentic Psychic Medium. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to become a True Vessel for delivering and relaying messages from the other side. Sign up now and let's unlock your full potential!

Best Value

Intuitive Development|Level Two



Every month

Learn how to Channel & Relay Messages From The Other Side

Valid for 4 months

$25.00 Monthly For Four Months

Sunday from 12pm-3pm EST

Limited Spaces Available

A Supportive, Safe & Interactive Virtual Setting

Learn How To Relay Messages with Tools Like Tarot

Understand How Your Individual Psychic Abilities

Incorporate Channeling in Your Feild of Expertise

Practice With Others & So Much More!!

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