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Raised by Spirit

Raised by Spirit

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Introducing "Raised by Spirit" - a captivating memoir that delves into the mystical world of psychic abilities and mediumship. This mesmerizing book takes you on a soul-stirring journey as it reveals the extraordinary life of a woman who was guided and nurtured by the ethereal forces of the universe. "Raised by Spirit" is not just another mundane autobiography; it is an extraordinary tale of divine intervention, psychic encounters, and celestial connections. Written with profound honesty and vulnerability, this memoir offers a rare glimpse into the extraordinary life of the author, whose path was intertwined with the mystical forces of the universe from a young age. Within its chapters, you'll uncover the author's incredible journey, from her earliest encounters with the spirit world to her development as a gifted psychic. Immerse yourself in her personal experiences, as she shares the trials, triumphs, and revelations that shaped her into the empowered individual she is today. PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS TO RECIEVE AS THIS BOOK SELF PUBLISHED AND PRINTED TO ORDER

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